• 690 High Risk Youth Served Since 2011

  • 244 Youth engaged in outreach activities

  • 257 Engaged through group sessions and workshops

  • 101 Enrolled in educational development, GED preparation, college entrance applications, Job Corps

  • 40 Cases were closed out through outreach

  • 51 Youth showed improvement in school performance and behavior

  • 139 Youth did not re-offend for six months

  • 21 Mediated disputes survived 60 days without retaliation

  • 24 Youth engaged did not retaliate after critical incident meetings for 30 days

  • 41 Youth reported a decrease in hostility and aggressive behavior

        CSC engages up to 10 ONSE participants in the PEP Program as a youth violence diversion effort. Engagement in the PEP will serve as a means of public safety and a diversion from violence.




       CSC Provides violence intervention services in Wards 1 to 5. Program activities/services include: community outreach, community engagement, violence interception and interruption, case management, Critical Incident Protocols, partner engagement, peacemaking retreats, and school-based educational and enrichment services. Critical Incident Meetings are held within 24 hours of a homicide or serious incident in Wards 1 to 5. Community-based “Cool Down” activities are held to help communities heal from violence and build collective efficacy.