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CSC’s Family Services Division connects families to the resources and support systems they need to develop strong, compassionate and nurturing family units.

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Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention(CBCAP,

Mini Grants), CFSA

Through our nonprofit affiliate Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP), CSC runs the HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) program, which teaches parents to help their children build critical skills and confidence before starting school. The program’s target population is children and families who are particularly vulnerable and in need of increased support services to ensure family stability, child safety and overall well-being.


Community-Based Child Well-Being Services, CFSA

This program provides community-based child welfare services focused on keeping kids and families together through our Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative. By working to increase protective factors for individuals and families, CSC enables them to thrive.

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Parenting Education & Support Program (PESP), CFSA

At CSC, we are dedicated to assisting families as they seek to foster healthy relationships with their children. Our trained staff members educate parents about positive ways to interact with children at different ages and stages of development. We start with a family assessment to determine what other CSC services may benefit them – from case management and workforce development, to Family Group Conferencing (FGC) and truancy support.

PESP activities include:

  • Parent Cafe
    Participants explore their strengths and create strategies to nurture and support their families.

  • Effective Black Parenting Class
    These virtual courses, offered in English or Spanish, cover valuable information about child development, parenting styles, and how to implement safe and effective parenting techniques.

  • Safe Sleep Class
    This 30-minute virtual workshop trains new and expecting parents about how to prevent accidental infant death.


Thriving Families, Safer Children - Prevent Child Abuse America

In collaboration with the Counsel for Truth: A Public Health Initiative, CSC joins stakeholders, staff and clients in biweekly meetings to develop truth-telling circles that utilize post-traumatic wisdom to foster healing and reconciliation.

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Success in Reentry (SIR), OVSJG

Success in Reentry takes a restorative justice approach to reduce recidivism, create stronger communities and provide individuals an opportunity to make things right. Through Healing Circles, Family Group Conferencing and our Life Skills Group, CSC helps pave the way for a successful transition home.

Download Program Flyer Here


Children Exposed to Violence/Defending Childhood - OJJDP

This program serves nine-to-15-year-olds who have been exposed to violence in or around their homes, schools or communities. CSC provides targeted case management and therapeutic and community support services that help address the trauma and reduce the risk of repeated exposure.

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