CSC’s Family Services division connects families to the resources and support systems they need to develop supportive and strong family units.

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Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention(CBCAP,

Mini Grants), CFSA

A small nonprofit organization Is funded with pass-through funds from CFSA to Implement the HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of  Preschool Youngsters) program. The program teaches parents to help their children build their skills and confidence before starting  school. csc provides technical assistance to build the grantee's capacity and expand and strengthen the community partnerships  and resources among providers, residents, and the Collaboratives in the District. The target population reflects children and families  that are particularly vulnerable and in need of increased support services to ensure family stability, child safety, and overall well-being. Currently The Family Place is being funded through CBCAB. 


Community-Based Child Well-Being Services, CFSA

This program provides community-based child welfare services that are based on an ongoing need to provide various supports to  keep children and families together. CSC supports families where they live through the Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative to focus on the particular needs of the families in the community and increasing protective factors. CSC has a network of community resources and builds capacity in the community by funding smaller programs for parents and children such as The Family Place. CSC’s family services address three groups: Front Yard (no CFSA involvement); Front Porch (CFSA involvement has ended); and Front Door (CFSA case is open and CFSA is teaming with the collaborative)

Family At Church

Assist families with developing important skills needed to foster healthy relationships with their children. Parents are educated on positive ways to interact with children during different ages and stages of development. Families are assessed to determine what other services they may benefit from that CSC offers such as case management, workforce development, Family Group Conferencing (FGC), Truancy support, and information and referral (I&R). 

Activities in this Program

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Success in Reentry (SIR), OVSJG

Takes a Restorative Justice approach to increase the chances of successful reentry by reducing recidivism; increasing safety by creating stronger communities; and providing an opportunity to make things right.  Re-entry processes work to involve secondary victims which are often the family members of those who have caused harm. The purpose of restorative re-entry processes is to assist returning citizens in a successful transition home through repairing harm to the extent possible which allows them in rebuilding support. The following services are provided:  Healing Circles, Family Group Conference, and Life skills group.

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Children Exposed to Violence/Defending Childhood - OJJDP

Provides services to children aged 9 to 15, who have been exposed to violence in/around their homes, schools, or communities, as  well as their families. CSC  is tasked with providing targeted case management, therapeutic and community support services which will address the traumas, reduce the risk, and lessen the Impact of exposure to violence. Children are exposed to violence every day in some aspect of their environment such as homes, schools, and communities. 


Truancy/ SUSO, OVSJG

A free program from the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG). SUSO strives to improve school attendance by providing support to parents and families to help get their children to school on time every day. Support is offered to families with children who have missed 5 or more days of school unexcused. Staff are committed to resolving pressing issues that may pose a barrier to families ensuring their children get to school every day and on time. 


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