Soccer Youth Diversion Program - Events DC

Provides 15 youth aged 14-18 with sporting and recreational activities aimed at deterring participants from succumbing to gong  activity and violence in and around their communities. CSC will facilitate two curricula - 12-week Youth Engaged in Leadership and  Learning (YELL) and the 25-hour Phoenix Gang Awareness and Gang Prevention - to address anger management and mitigate other  risk factors. The program will also facilitate soccer training sessions, games, and tournaments during the league season (December  2021 to March 2022) at Cardozo High School.


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Soccer Youth Diversion Program, MOLA

The Soccer Program is intended to keep young males off the streets. Using the High School Health Curriculum (HSHC) and other  teaching materials, CSC provides educational sessions about an array of life skills. The sessions are held once per week. Participants also engage in soccer practice once per week and compete in soccer tournaments.

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Out of School Time (OST) -  Learn 24

The Out of School Time program is a structured and supervised program that young people regularly attend when school is not in session, where learning opportunities take place outside the typical school day. OST provides 22 youths aged 11 to 16, enrolled at Cardozo High School, with group mentoring, physical fitness, and team building services/activities. CSC has partnered with Cardozo High School to provide 22 youth ages 11 to 16 years of age activities that address their social and emotional health, increase physical activity, and support academics  by using the ComprehensiveHealth Education Curriculum (CHEC). 

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Safe Passage Safe Blocks- Learn 24

Provides at-risk youth under the age of 21 with safe routes to and from [10] schools in Wards 1 and 4, and provides after school programming for participants. CSC is tasked with identifying safe routes to and from each school, as well as assigning and scheduling Safe Passage Workers based on the level of crime in/around each school. CSC will also facilitate in-school socio-emotional learning sessions using the Phoenix Gang Prevention/Intervention curriculum, others, with the goal of teaching and fostering the development of key skills to  reduce aggression.


Safe Passage Paul PCS -  ONSE GEER

The ONSE Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) is a Violence Intervention initiative that is implemented by CSC to help  improve prosocial behaviors, reduce crime and instances of recidivism, and mitigate some of the drivers of crime in selected neighborhoods.The main purpose of GEER is to identify and implement activities aimed at reducing overall levels of violent crime in target and communities. The target area of GEER is Ward 4 in Washington, D.C. and the target population is Latino Youth.